Bharatasya Sangeet-Vishwanubandha - Yatra

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‘Bharatasya Sangeet Vishwanubandh Yatra’ - Introduction of India’s Cultural Pride in Interrelationship with World Music Culture. This project is jointly undertaken by Mumbai Tarun Bharat, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Sanskriti Sanvardhan & Sanshodhan Pratishthan (hereafter SSASP), Ashok Da Ranade Archives (ADRA) & Policy Advocacy Research Centre (hereafter PARC) along with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India. (ICCR) Bharatasya Sangeet Vishwanubandh Yatra aims to introduce India's cultural pride to the world and highlight the influence of Indian classical music on different cultures across the globe. The book is an anthology of scholarly articles on Indian Classical Music and interviews of artists including Grammy Award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Ustad Taufiq Qureshi. The book will be divided into several chapters, each exploring different aspects of the rich musical heritage of India. The book also includes interviews with various luthiers and instrument makers. This anthology is a bouquet of different articles penned down by stalwart authors to compile it in one place. We have followed a chronological approach for this anthology where we have traced the interrelationship of Indian music with different cultures right from prehistoric times to modern times dominated by the music of electronic plethora. India, unlike the Semitic traditions, is a polytheistic and diversified country and this book even showcases the vivid nature of India’s culture which reflects in her music too.
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