The Ecstasy of Zero

    दिनांक  28-Nov-2017   



From the clutter of Infinity, into the calm of Zero. The nothingness, the void, the tranquil, the stillness of Zero. The Indian romance with Infinity culminates in the sanctuary of Zero.


Mathematically Zero is the inverse of Infinity. If Infinity is everything, Zero is nothing! If Infinity is here ‘n there ‘n everywhere at all times, Zero is here and now.


Like Infinity, the mankind has been fascinated by Zero. From the ancient times, and now again in these modern times. Zero rules!


In these last few decades, we have been hit with the effects of our highly materialistic lifestyle. Too much shopping. Too much eating. Too many possessions. Thinkers are now educating the masses on the benefits of a “Minimalistic lifestyle”. Possess only what you frequently use. Give away the clutter. Buy used goods. This path encourages us to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A path from ‘many’ to ‘less’. From Infinite possessions to Zero possessions.


Physically we have squandered our wealth on buying things we don’t need. Mentally we have burned our energies on thinking thoughts we don’t need. Our brains are capable of coming up with some 50,000 thoughts per day. Ironically, it seems, 95% of the thoughts are same as yesterday! In this mental chaos of continuous streams of thoughts, the inner voice is lost.


Quietening the brain is a difficult task. To think is easy. How does one “not think”? Masters, Buddhas and Gurus have shown the way of Meditation, to reduce this constant chatter. Various ways are suggested to calm the mind and to reach a zero thought level, also called “Samadhi”. From Infinite thoughts to Zero thoughts!


Beyond the physical and mental level, at the spiritual level, we have Ego! The strong belief that ‘I am this body’ is a mistaken identity. Further believing that ‘I’ am distinct from the nature, is ‘Ego’. This Ego has given rise to much tension between individuals, between communities, between nations, between Humans and Nature.


By becoming one with nature, you are on the path of identifying the Self (आत्मा) with the Super-Self (परमात्मा). From Infinite Ego to Zero Ego.


Like a drop of water in the ocean; is a ‘drop’ until it identifies itself to be distinct from the water around it. Once it gives up the ego and its identity as ‘drop’, and becomes one with its surroundings … it becomes the ocean!

From Zero to Infinity!


- Deepali Patwadkar